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Hi Victoria,

this explains my bug report in the bug section.

I have 2 questions:

This change seems to be especially made for the Tehb alliance.

1.)  why are these cheating players from Theb supported that much by Admins ??   ( I guess because one of the Admins is Theb )

2.)  why did Theb know in advance of this new change in favour of them ?

      ( apparently they knew, as they didnt fix their network in fast time as several times before )

I dont like this corruption between Admins and Tehb at all.   As a paying member here I expect equal chances for all players.
And not the cheating Theb players been given all advantages.

What about money back for all my accounts and I stop playing here ???
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An arrogant Tehb player  (  ) asked for proof that the asteroid was in possession of player WWW1.

Well here is the battle report how the asteroid was built during Phoenix attack on one of player WWW1 planets.

Proof enough for the Tehb thieves ???????????????
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I want to tell you a little story.
I'm biased, as I'm currently at war with Tehb ( ).

all started like this:

- in my area  ( 19:461:3)  I had a non-aggression agreement with Tehb.
I dont attack their asteroides and they dont attack me.  (based on a little fight before the agreement)
Well - a good agreement between gentlemen. But Tehb of course betrayed me and attacked my fleet on my moon.
A nice attack. My local Tehb "friends" scanned me and checked my online status.
Then they flew in some asshole from another sector ( SUPERKOMMANDOR) and he attacked my fleet.
Atfer the attack he wrote something like:  "when you are decent person, you dont attack now our asteroides. Because it was a fair battle"
Means that he knew about the agreement.

The same day I started my attacks on their asteroides and alliance stations.

Then they started crying:   There are unwritten rules. Noone can attack asteroides ------------ blablabla

They also stated that they "earned" all their asteroides and that all are rightfully theirs.

Well here is the story of my friend WWW1  :

at [45:453:6] my friend WWW1 ( got an asteroide from Phoenix attack.
he built buildings there and operated it for some time.

Now a huge Tehb player has it.
How did this come ?

Well they first sent a smaller account outside the alliance to conquer the asteroide.
Then this smaller account left it and the big Tehb asshole colonized it.
The smaller account was
( at this time outside the alliance - now Theb again of course )

Of course all planned by Theb.
Officially they claim that they got all asteroides honestly.

These motherfuckers are thieves and traitors
or as a friend of mine calls them: "V...a asshole cleaners"

well, when they can attack and conquer asteroides, why cannot the other players do the same ???????????????????????????????????

Are these unwritten rules just for us smaller players and not for Tehb ???

Guys:  when you are under pressure by Theb do this

- scan the asteroides  every day
- when there is light defence and you see providers / recyclers / destillers ,  attack them and take the debris

- when they claim, that asteroides cannot be attacked:   show them the example of my friend  WWW1

- when you don't have the balls to attack them:  send me PM with the data of the asteroide.  I will attack it when I'm in the area


Topic: Game changes and 'improvements' | 28 August 2017 18:23:10
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Members of TEHb are among the admins.
They do rule changes in favour of their players.

You as a non-russian non-Tehb player are a pure victim for them.

Your task is to buy HC with real money, so that they can destroy your fleets or planets.

Russians can exchange HC back for real money. Therefore you understand maybe their motivation.

They are highly organized. A mafia like structure.

In a real game without bias, admins should never be allowed to play.

Like in online casinos or online poker rooms, where no employee or family of employed is allowed to play.

But Russians like corruption. And its a russian server.
Topic: Game changes and 'improvements' | 28 August 2017 09:26:09
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Your idea is great.
But the corrupt admins and their connection to motherfucking ТЕНЬ Alliance will never allow this.

It would destroy their corrupt mafia system.
Topic: Generate pirates up to arm 1.000 | 12 August 2017 21:08:57
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I completely agree with you, that with these corrupt admins my idea won't be implemented.
Admins are playing themselves ( what is wrong ) and they are infiltrated by the big alliances.

Basically you can this game also a fraud.
New players dont know about this corruption when they start the game and invest money.
They learn it the hard way, like I did.

How often our super admins changed to rules to please the big players and to destroy the small players ?

Against all odds I've published my idea here.
But I dont expect any changes from it.

Lets see this game as a perfect example of real life russian corruption  ;-)

Topic: Generate pirates up to arm 1.000 | 10 August 2017 03:05:14
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Currently pirates on coordinates are generated only up to arm 100.
Big alliances, (like the geniuses from Tehb / Shahdows) claim all territory up to arm 100 as theirs.

The result is that these big alliances bully smaller players / alliances.
They do this by claiming that all pirates are theirs, by destroying moons of players up to attacking alliance bank and taking down network of smaller alliances.

And there is no space to move unless you abandon hunting pirates.

Therefore I propose this:

Generate pirates up to arm 1.000.

This would give smaller alliances/players a space to grow in peace, without being bullied.

And it will cost you probably just to change one variable / constant in the script.

And the big alliances?  Well - they can continue being jerks in their area.  ;-)
Topic: Information about pirates | 16 July 2017 18:54:32
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Hi Victoria,

a balance editor should be a neutral person.
Noone of the big alliances should hold such a position.

When will you Russians ever understand, that corruption is not the normal way of life?
Correct, correct would be when admins are not allowed to play anyway.

Take for example online poker sites or online casinos:

they all have it in their rules that no employee or family member of an employee can use the poker room or casino as player.

They do that for a reason.

And the reason is to prevent corruption.

How many years / centuries will it need until Russians understand that too ?

Your new balance editor was leader of Silence alliance and now is member of Tehb.

How can this person be neutral ??
Topic: Xerjs’ holes were changed | 27 June 2017 17:04:17
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Joey:   Fleet to expedition for n days and putting resources production to Zero on planets is almost the same like vac mode for active players.
Only difference:  They still can attack you.  But when there is no profit - most wont.
Actually I like the idea of change.

There are too many players in vac mode for too long time.

But the solution could be better:

- 30 days vac free per year and account

- after that every day costs 1 HC 

Problem solved.
Topic: Who is at war with Тень ?? | 28 May 2017 18:03:03
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And I want to know who are their enemies.  Does anyone have info about this ?
Topic: Hide a part of pirate fleets | 25 May 2017 07:39:46
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Currently pirates are sitting ducks. You know how much fleet they have and how strong each pirate is.

I would change this in this way:

- in the map overview only 50% of the fleet are shown ( the rest is hidden and can be 1 Large Transport or 100 Cruiser or 2 Deathstars )

- the rest is hidden and is revealed only when a fleet with minimum fleet count (which is random between 20% and 50% of the pirate fleet count) enters the battle

- "info attacks"  are just shreddered and dont reveal any info about the hidden part

- additionally there can be additional unknown pirate fleets entering the fight after 30 seconds

In my view this would avoid "mass farming" of pirates. Also bot-like hunting of pirates  (like I have seen from russian players).

As a result pirate hunting would be much more interesting.

- you would not know what is waiting there
- you would not know how much debris it will be and how many recs you should send.
Topic: Well, Lake, Geyser and Terraformer were changed | 24 May 2017 17:12:18
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The "mastermind" behind these changes is not very smart.

- negative field count:  could have been easily detected while preparing the change

- negative field count:  after detection of the problem they should have extended current field counts by the estimated  additional amount of the fields needed with the changes

- compensation for current installations:  basically you stripped down the production by 20%.  There should have been a transition from old to new according to the current production of old.
  example:  metall well old produces 2500 metal per hour - then metall well level new should be given with the same production output

Simple things a good software engineer should think about  BEFORE making such changes.
The negative field count for example is a "No go".   ( the programmer didnt make any tests)

And like with all changes: 

What is the problem to announce these changes BEFORE they are put in action in the live system ??
So that people can prepare.
Topic: Xerjs Quest 8: Some Help please | 26 March 2017 18:15:44
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Did someone finish this quest?
What is the reward ?
Topic: Menu Fleet cannot warn about enemy on coordinates | 3 February 2017 21:19:10
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Hi Victoria,

I don't know if you have even read my last post in this thread. You just ignored it.

here is my opinion:

- with the 1% debris for Phoenix you punish all player again who haven't done this quest so far.
  Now the player will lose ships ,  maybe planets and no debris for compensation.
  Well done !!  Again, do you think we are so stupid ??

- tell your insane admins this:
  We western players dont like when they change the rules every 5 minutes.
  When you don't want us here, just tell us and we leave.

  Try to finance your server with russian players only. For sure they are your best customers.

  For my part:

  I intended to buy the 10.000 HC package. But now you can forget it.

  It's just a waste of money.

  I don't understand how someone can be so stupid. Brainwashed by Putin ??  Or what ?
Topic: Menu Fleet cannot warn about enemy on coordinates | 2 February 2017 18:39:39
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@ Russian ADMINS:

I think you miss that you don't deal with idiots. I think we western players "sponsor" this game. ( At least I did 2 times )

In the last weeks you did everything to piss me off. 

1.)  I'm a miner  - you decrease my production

2.)  you decrease the % of my terran Weapons research from 8% to 7%  - I lose 2 levels in research compared to XerJ

3.)  you reduce FAS and raise the price for Protector

4.)  now you make info about fleet attacked invisible

I think its really easy:

You tell us western players if you still need us financing the server anymore.

If not, we go and you and your "pro" players can battle each other in russian style only. There are plenty of other games out where.

If yes, I suggest you take back all these bullshit changes back.

I really don't like when some idiots think they outsmart me and can make me deposit money for worse conditions than before.

I understand that you prefer your Russian "pro" players.

But who are they without our $$$$  ??