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Last updates

09-07-2020 12:48:33
Newbie protection does not apply to captured objects (OPS, PPS, asteroids) for players who have up to 25000 points.
08-07-2020 14:11:53
We've fixed the bestiary's bugs that arise when there's no lot planet. (Зависли ресурсы на бирже, не могу вернуть или продать.)
08-07-2020 13:11:22
We added authorization via Telegram.
07-07-2020 11:40:27
The debris from the solar destruction has been removed completely
03-07-2020 14:06:11
Renaming Elder Hydarian charging of obelisks to Feeder with a bonus change.
03-07-2020 13:57:49
The free kits have been changed. You can take them more often than once a day
03-07-2020 13:13:33
Return of crystals for Hydarian charging of obelisks
02-07-2020 14:23:47
Adding sorting of objects in spy reports by distance from zero local coordinate.
02-07-2020 13:47:23
02-07-2020 12:03:56
We have corrected the display of fleet dynamics on the alliance members' page.
02-07-2020 11:04:34
We fixed Officer Meskhalaj's gravitational gun damage bonus.
02-07-2020 11:04:28
The Zarathrusta bonus now counts according to the description, only with Evolution of Muscles. Previously counted with Evolution of Muscles and Reflex evolution.
01-07-2020 13:26:26
Increase in production from the beginner's starter kit from X3 to X5
01-07-2020 12:30:54
Replacing tosses Jouan with Arbiter in "Thanksgiving III" bonus.
30-06-2020 16:08:13
Increase production from X2 to X3 per beginner's starter kit.
30-06-2020 15:37:04
You can approach the planet with a camera in Overview to a closer distance. The no-fly zone around the planet is calculated as the additional diameter of the no-fly sphere, added to the diameter of the planet itself by the formula: the root of the diameter multiplied by the coefficient.

For example, if the planet is 20 000 in diameter and the coefficient is 100, then 14141 ([diameter root[*100) is added to the diameter. No-fly zone 20k + 14k = 34k Radius 17k, 7k to the surface no-fly zone camera.

The coefficient is 75 instead of 100.
30-06-2020 6:59:42
The issuance of a medal that creates a satellite. Instead of giving out a satellite at the Premium.
29-06-2020 14:41:17
Station medal icons for Premium activation
29-06-2020 9:28:37
The choice of the bestiary commissions for the lot has been extended from 10 to 25%.
This means that the seller is now freer when setting the price and the commission will not increase if the price deviates more from the official rate.
28-06-2020 11:08:51
Correction of bonus from premium to gravitational trampoline speed (Проблема с бонусом скорости за премиум)
28-06-2020 10:57:27
The period of validity of a beginner's starter kit has been extended from 3 to 7 days.
27-06-2020 2:39:50
The base repair percentage of the fleet has been reduced from 20 to 15.
27-06-2020 2:21:45
Tosses Ripper and Relict Planet Ripper rate has been reduced from 3 to 2 (levels are cheaper).
Requirements for the construction of the tosses Ripper Station have been increased from Meskhalaj 1 to Meskhalaj 5.
The Relict Planet Ripper construction price has increased in metal by 2 000 000, mineral and gas by 1 000 000.
A 10% fuel saving by the fleet has been added to the premium subscription.
Tosses Ripper stations have gained the additional ability to immediately stand at a distance to the planet suitable for ripping and mining resources during construction and teleportation.
26-06-2020 20:14:45
We've added a 10% bonus to the Fleet's fuel consumption in a premium account.
26-06-2020 20:10:28
You can rip off empty planets
26-06-2020 20:10:12
Added 1 planetary protection to the Ripper for protection against marauders
26-06-2020 19:47:26
Ripper teleportation to low orbit where ripping is possible immediately.
26-06-2020 14:09:40
Conditions for the construction of the Tosses Ripper have been reduced to allow players to build it.
26-06-2020 12:15:52
Premium subscription added.
26-06-2020 9:37:55
Cool relict skin of Ripper2.
25-06-2020 14:53:15
The addition of a table of influence on characteristics for building time, research, resource storage and many other values (…).
25-06-2020 12:41:56
Correction of the storage infrastructure bonus (was erroneously multiplied)
24-06-2020 13:59:13
New gravity gun damage bonuses, including xerjs and tosses:
Warden: 10% per level
Meskhalaj: % equal to the sum of levels, including order x2
Mantride: 1% per level
The study of wormholes: 1% per level
24-06-2020 10:56:31
The merchant's commission is increased by 3 times.
The trader's commission is increased by 6 times.
24-06-2020 6:51:28
Fixing a multiplier bonus from a Raider.
Now the bonus is added from a base value
23-06-2020 14:06:55
Heavy armor attack amplification factor is reduced by 0.1 for battleships, gauss guns and moles.
Mutalisks and Scouts attack gain on flagships has been eliminated.
Hydarian defensive installation attack gain on flagships has been reduced by 0.1.
The ability to block mass attacks of Hydarian defensive installation has been reduced from 5 to 4.
The attack gain of flaming worms attacking with heavy armor in the fleet has been increased by 0.2.
The Gravitation distorter has gained specialization in attack amplification on flagships 2 (attack on flagships is doubled).
Removed the blocking ability of Corsairs.

Death Star speed slowed from 50/75 to 40/60.
Supernova speed slowed from 75/100 to 60/80.
Usurper speed slowed from 30/50 to 25/50.
Gigashadow speed slowing down from 25/40 to 20/40.
Planetary Ripper speed slowed from 25/50 to 20/40.
23-06-2020 7:48:07
More truthful information about your last visit to the forum in your profile
22-06-2020 23:06:40
Increase in the number of pirate fleets at coordinates by 25%, base from 2000 to 2500.
22-06-2020 8:13:24
Correction of bug in calculating the percentage of xerjs geologist's death.
19-06-2020 9:28:15
Correction for wrong addition of recycled resources after sending a part of the fleet from recycling.
19-06-2020 7:19:27
Correction of signal subtraction when writing a message on a forum
18-06-2020 14:11:01
We fixed the display of satellites in the player profile after moving to other coordinates.
18-06-2020 11:57:20
Icons and BackGround for Overmind1 - the new planet
18-06-2020 9:27:35
Correction of alliance search for signing a contract with manual name entry (Игра не дает заключать договора с другими альянсами)
17-06-2020 17:31:38
Adjusting the texture of Planetoid - planets of xerjes
17-06-2020 8:55:49
Coefficient of the rise in price of relicts stations
15-06-2020 11:29:35
Collision is prohibited for two objects, one of which is standing and the other is in the cooldown of local movement.
I.e. if Dunkleosteus D1 flew to the strong player's gate and removed the newbie protection, then removing the newbie protection will trigger the cooldown D1 and the destruction of the gate will not be possible for D1 until the end of the cooldown. However, another Dunkleosteus D2 will be able to destroy D1.
15-06-2020 7:49:52
Shot time on the gravity gun page is corrected. Incorrect time was displayed if a time zone other than the server was specified in the player's options.
12-06-2020 12:56:37
Limiting aggression in the simulator 10000
12-06-2020 12:37:57
Increase in debris merchant's commission from 15 to 25%
12-06-2020 11:26:56
Pushing a satellite back 100km if the satellite collides with an object that does not collide (e.g. the owner in a vacation mode).
12-06-2020 7:04:41
Increase the maximum level of aggression in the simulator to 999 (simulation error).
11-06-2020 8:39:13
When leaving the gate and tribunal, the fleet is now defending the object, not the high orbit.
10-06-2020 15:06:20
Geometric shapes for stones in the beam of the Ripe Station
10-06-2020 14:50:38
Fleet with the order Espionage, started from holding the object, on his return now does not start the battle.
10-06-2020 14:07:55
We have taught the drone to memorize the path to resources, now you can collect all piles of resources at once.
10-06-2020 12:38:42
Showing information about the payback is tied to an officer Telepathist.
10-06-2020 12:01:29
The number of pirates on coordinates was reduced by 20%, the base from 2500 to 2000.
10-06-2020 11:25:16
The tosses droids production has increased by more than 50%.
09-06-2020 14:39:38
Production of classic mining buildings has been doubled:
Mines, Refinery, Well, Incubator, Rectification tunnel, Extractor, Nexuses.
06-06-2020 12:54:44
Harvesters production has been increased by 10%
05-06-2020 15:53:35
The Usurper attack has been reduced from 56 000 per shot to 50 000.
05-06-2020 11:40:29
Reduced costs for harvesters to extract resources:
gas by a factor of 2.5
energy by a factor of 2.
04-06-2020 4:47:27
Fixed a teleportation error that could prevent stations from teleporting at around 4:00 a.m. server time
04-06-2020 4:45:12
Ability to teleport added for Rippers
03-06-2020 19:57:51
The geyser and gas hole became 25% more expensive.
02-06-2020 17:12:38
Change the amortization bonus for mutant Chuchkhe by a quarter of the sum of levels.
02-06-2020 16:07:06
Change of Emperor's bonus to amortization by the sum of levels / 4
01-06-2020 17:56:14
The number of pirates at coordinates has been increased by 20%, the base from 2500 to 3000.
01-06-2020 16:30:55
Real time calculation of amortization when hiring an appropriate officer (including order). That is, when you hire an officer who reduces amortization - amortization decreases instantly. The current owners of officers who reduce amortization received a double bonus before 4:30 (but it is necessary to start the recalculation, for example by changing the production 100% -> 90% -> 100%).
01-06-2020 13:14:47
The Ripper production calculation function has been added
01-06-2020 13:12:36
The ability to load your fleet and defense from the current object was added to the simulator.
01-06-2020 13:06:10
The Emperor's amortization bonus was increased from 1.25% to 1.5%.
01-06-2020 10:22:09
The movement of the insectoid entity in local coordinates at the moment the flight starts (green tail) is disabled. It is forbidden to enable speed in this state. This should prevent satellites from flying beyond 50000.
30-05-2020 12:02:16
The construction time of the buildings was slowed down 2 times.
29-05-2020 9:24:18
3 pirates were added according to the characteristics of the post
29-05-2020 9:11:19
Optimization of new pirates' avatars 10000000
28-05-2020 15:44:59
Dunkleosteus' dominance formula changed in favor of the player, multiplier 3 was increased to 4.
28-05-2020 15:28:46
The power of the gravitational beam of the Inquisition stations has been increased by a factor of 10 to punish heretics.
28-05-2020 13:25:02
We've added production for Orbital Pirate Stations under Pirate Control.
28-05-2020 5:56:48
Smooth transition from auto-flight to free flight mode
27-05-2020 12:11:42
Transforming the moon into a station after the Ripe Station has been built
27-05-2020 11:53:15
50% fuel savings per flight at the same coordinates have been cancelled.
27-05-2020 11:13:33
We have added a coordinate filter to the gate search page and the trampoline search page. (Ручная прописка координат врат )
26-05-2020 21:29:56
Aggression is displayed in the Galaxy panel (Отображение Агрессии в галактике)
26-05-2020 14:51:50
Ability to build the Ripper's building on the moon (locked down for development time).
26-05-2020 14:48:50
Beam scaling and gravity gun hit fixed.
26-05-2020 14:42:55
The number of pirates on coordinates has decreased by about 17%.
(base from 3000 to 2500).
25-05-2020 19:37:36
The English voice of Martyn.
25-05-2020 12:16:41
We've voiced Overmind in English. All briefings.
23-05-2020 21:50:00
Adding an additional bonus to halve amortization in x2Crazy.
23-05-2020 11:11:01
The amount of resources that fall to the planet's surface for collection has been halved.
22-05-2020 16:25:02
Voice of the Adjutant for briefings in English.
22-05-2020 11:35:20
22-05-2020 9:46:14
The looting limit for an attack now takes into account the robbery of inactive players and the resource received from the devouring of any player.
20-05-2020 23:23:44
The cost of tosses Nexus has been reduced by half.
20-05-2020 13:44:11
Replacing the image of the hero of Marshal Zhukov
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